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Examples of Inspiring Coming Soon Page Design & Analysis

Every once in a while we need an upgrade in life and it is no different when it comes to your website. Technology is rapidly changing and so are design aesthetics. Keeping your website looking like it was designed ten years ago will not only drive away visitors but will also have people thinking you are out of date. This can be harmful if you are marketing yourself as a graphic designer.

Of course you won’t have your website upgraded and redesigned in just a day or even a week. Therefore, it is best that you get yourself a coming soon/under construction page as a placeholder until the new site is up and running. Need inspiration? You’re in luck because today I’m sharing ten coming soon website designs that will surely have you coming back.

1. Citymob

Citymob’s coming soon page is simple and aesthetically pleasing. These guys take a cue from the signs you might see in shop windows and plays on it. In fact when you look at the page it is as if the sign is hanging on a glass window that gives you a view of what’s going on inside. The two color choice works excellent with the textures and muted tones that are going in the background.

2. Theme Cobra

Theme Cobra placed their logo at the forefront of their coming soon page. What is clever about this design is, how the text is used and how they added multiple S’s to the word “soon.” What’s perceptive about this that if you look at their logo again, it is a Cobra’s head. The color of the page gives the design a nice minimal look and the bright blue button is a real attention grabber.

3. Revelation Concept

Revelation Concept might just be on to something with their design, more detailed than what you usually see in a “coming soon” pages. The brain is a real eye-grabber plus it’s a nice play on the words of “revelation” and “concept” which are both done with the brain. The look and feel, gives the page an elegant flair not to mention that you can tell some thought went into this design.

4. Accentuate

Nothing really beats a clever design and Accentuate must know this. To go off of their name they showcase four chairs but an accent is given color of magenta. This color is used throughout the design to highlight important information including words like “notify me” which gets you to take notice of their mini e-mail form.

5. PureAromaTea

Pure Aroma Tea

“Smart” phrases are great to use when you have to use a placeholder while you’re tinkering with your site. PureAromaTea’s “Empty cup of tea? We will fill it up soon?” is a perfect substitution for the standard “coming soon” and “under construction”. The two colors used compliment each other well plus placing the newsletter subscription form in the black footer makes it more noticeable.

6. JDStamps

JD Stamps

JDStamps takes the idea of construction and uses it as part of their visuals by using the graphic of a crane that gives the page a look of minimalism. What’s really different about this design is, it has a barcode that you can scan with your phone to possibly access exclusive information. Think of it being in lieu of the site asking for your e-mail.

7. Hooray Design

Just like PureAromaTea, Hooray Design takes the route of using two colors, one to tell you the site name and the other to house the important information. Instead of using the often used “subscribe here” bit, Hooray Design offers a link to contact them. The design may be simple but there is something welcoming with the whole “Hooray! You Found Us!”.

8. Double Shot App

Double Shot

Double Shot App page design is as minimal as you can be when it comes to coming soon pages. There is no pertinent information displayed other than a link to follow them on Twitter, but you have to admit it’s pretty intriguing with its muted color and single graphic which isn’t even that big.

9. Disozavr


Disozavr has a nice creative feel to their page with the strange origami dinosaur like creature to the combination of scribble coloring and clean text. The page allows you to subscribe and even offers a bit of humor with their ridiculous estimated launch time. With all the white going on Disozavr made a smart decision by using bright colors as an efficient contrast.

10. April Zero


If there was an award for most creative coming soon pages April Zero would probably win hands down. A strange and truly intriguing design, the page is completely red with a peculiar animated middle that opens up to reveal a clock-like mechanism  that gives nothing away aside from the Facebook and Twitter pages. Coming soon or already here, it’s hard to tell but the design is great.

There is clearly never one way to do things and coming soon pages are no exception to this. From the ten designs above you can see that everything from origami like structures  simple black silhouettes and even animated mechanical pieces can be utilized in your design, it really just depends on you. Other than looking up various inspirational articles such as this one here are some things you might want to keep in consideration when designing your coming soon page:

  • Space: You don’t want to overcrowd the page. When most people see that a site is down for construction they will automatically leave. If you place the important information where it can be seen easily they might rethink pressing the back button before they have a chance to read what you’ve written.
  • Design: Clever designs are often appreciated so keep that in mine when you are designing. Also, if you can try to create your coming soon page give clues on what it is your site will look like (think color scheme for the latter) after new site launches.
  • Interaction: We as humans like being stimulated  and  what better way to stimulate your site’s visitors than to have them do something. This includes filling out forms for newsletters and even becoming a Twitter follower or Facebook friend.

With these pointers in mind you will surely be able to design your own creative coming soon page and who knows it might ti make someone’s inspiration list.


Gabrielle is a freelance graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker and animator. She's designed logos, characters, backgrounds and shirts for clients. You can follow her on twitter and on her blog.