10 Free High Res Cracked and Peeled off Textures

Cracked and Peeled off textures are widely used in web design and graphic design. They can bring up the background using overlay. Here you will find 10 free cracked and peeled off textures.  All of their resolutions are 2048 x 1536 . They are free for personal use.


You can download the whole set on a zip file or download the each texture by clicking on them from Flickr.

Download | [Download not found]| Mirror

Texture 1

Texture 2

Texture 3

Texture 3

Texture 4

Texture 5

Texture 6

Texture 7

Texture 8

Texture 9

Texture 10


Kawsar Ali is a web designer who also likes blogging. In his spare time he walks around with a Nikon D5100 hunting for good textures.

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